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Effective Planning with Oracle Scenario Modeling

In Oracle’s Elevate Wholesale Distribution on-demand webinar series, Argano’s client Parkland Corporation, a publicly traded wholesaler, producer, and distributor, highlights their successful transition from spreadsheets to Oracle Scenario Modeling within Oracle Cloud EPM Planning.

The Parkland speakers shed light on the planning and decision-making process and the benefits of adopting Oracle Scenario Modeling. They discuss how limited capabilities required them to move away from spreadsheet-based models and embrace a more robust software solution to increase planning accuracy and improve visibility. The decision to transition to Oracle Scenario Modeling tool was driven by the desire for better governance (including compliance with regulations such as SOX), control, and team collaboration.

Advanced Planning Capabilities

One instrumental feature of Oracle Scenario Modeling is its ability to run probabilistic models, providing a range of potential outcomes and enabling better business management. The webinar also highlighted advanced functionalities, including funding options and the scheduler, which simplifies complex financial structures.

Seamless Integration of Data

The seamless integration of data from various sources, including actuals from the financial system and forecasts from the planning system, is another significant advantage of Oracle Scenario Modeling. This automation eliminates manual processes, reduces errors, and provides real-time visibility into financials, facilitating efficient scenario planning and analysis.

Future Enhancements

Parkland continues to enhance its scenario modeling capabilities by incorporating machine-driven forecasting and leveraging statistical analysis to reduce human bias. These advancements further improve the accuracy and reliability of decision-making processes.

To learn more about how Argano can assist with Scenario Modeling and other enterprise performance management efforts, watch the on-demand webinar and contact us today.