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What Is Oracle Transportation Management?

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) is a cloud-based system with robust features for end-to-end transport management, from initial planning to execution. It enables transport managers to streamline logistics, enhance service levels, and optimize freight costs. OTM is an industry-leading transportation management system helping logistics companies manage each facet of their transportation operations. It helps manage outbound, inbound, and internal transfer orders in a single platform. You can integrate Oracle Transportation Management with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and harness its wide range of capabilities.
Features of Oracle Transportation Management
The Oracle Transportation Management platform is a next-generation logistics enablement solution. It offers countless features and benefits for 3PL providers and logistics professionals: too many to get into in just one blog. But we’ve done our best to isolate some of the most critical ones here.
Logistics Network Modeling
This feature gives your logistics company a simple way to strategize. You can use constraints and real-world data to create ideal scenarios and achieve highly accurate results that simulate the impacts of change on your operations. The side-by-side comparison allows you to “model”  data-driven decisions before going live in the real-world.
3D Visibility
OTM’s 3D Load Configuration Utility provides many perspectives to view the optimal filling of, for example, a trailer or container. It deconstructs the shipment by geography, enabling you to see exactly which ship units are being unloaded at the first delivery location. You can rotate the simulation on its X, Y, and Z axes to view a trailer’s contents from all angles, then use the slider bars to “peel back” the shipment and view the details of how each shipping unit is oriented, stacked, and loaded into a container. One simple click reveals the details of the products contained in the ship unit as if you were on-site.
Optimization Engine
OTM’s proven optimization engine allows you to build shipments, make mode and carrier selections, and route your shipments in the most efficient, cost-effective manner, all while ensuring alignment to your specific business requirements. This engine helps creates consistency, efficiency, predictability, and reliability all throughout your supply chain.
Transportation Network Modeling
You can model your company’s transportation network model in Oracle Transportation Management, then let the application identify the optimal path for your orders to take based on cost and transit time. Visualize the network on the map and see the paths your orders will take en route to their final destinations.
Real-Time Data
OTM provides real-time data such as traffic conditions, traffic incidents, and weather with the click of a button. This empowers planners and dispatchers to make tactical decisions based on current information to help drivers avoid backups and other delays.
End-to-End Order and Shipment
This feature keeps you informed about what’s happening with your goods in transit. The powerful re-drive technology, combined with inherent workflow capabilities, notifies you of potential trouble before it happens.
Transportation Sourcing
This functionality allows you to prepare and execute bids with service providers. Once the bidding is complete, OTM’s optimization algorithm uses your criteria to intelligently award bids to carriers.
Multi-Language Application
3PL is a worldwide undertaking, and OTM is available in over 14 languages. It is used daily by customers around the globe, with availability in all major languages such as English, Chinese, German, French, and more.
Rate Inquiry Feature
The rate inquiry feature allows you to rate-shop and identify all feasible options for getting goods to their destinations. OTM looks across all transportation modes, carriers, and service levels to identify the most appropriate options and sort them by cost and transit time.
Smart Invoicing
You can establish rules for matching invoices, set tolerances, automate the approval process, and issue vouchers with the OTM platform. This eliminates human errors incurred through manual freight invoice auditing and validation. Automating these processes can contribute to significant savings while also freeing your employees to take on more complex or value-added tasks.
Comprehensive Fleet Management
Manage dedicated 3rd party resources as well as your own private fleet. Oracle Transportation Management tracks the current state of the complete  fleet at all times and appropriately allocates work to the best-utilized fleet assets, all while simultaneously honoring hours of service restrictions and any other constraints across time zones and borders. OTM takes all available information into account and makes decisions intelligently. This removes the need for guesswork when finding the appropriate mix of assets.
Networking Routing
After setting up your carrier’s rates and through points, you can leverage OTM’s powerful routing capabilities to manage the flow of goods through your network. The software then identifies the optimal route for your orders to take as they traverse the network.
Rate Maintenance
OTM’s rate maintenance capabilities make it easy to upload and maintain rates regardless of transportation mode. Users define the structure and properties of the desired rates, export a template, collect the rates, and reload the template to leverage this functionality. You can also make changes to current rates. Simply download your current rates to a spreadsheet and make changes and then upload the updated file to OTM.

Implementing Oracle Transportation Management in Your Business

The Oracle Transportation Management system is a robust system that can revolutionize your logistics and transportation operations. You can rely on it to schedule logistics, invoice clients, model your shipping network, and more. 3PL providers can maximize the value of their investment in sophisticated technology solutions like OTM by integrating it seamlessly with other technologies. OTM integrates with ERP systems, warehouse management solutions, and other digital software solutions to support better visibility and improve the efficiency of your business processes.