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Reining in costs, elevating consumer journeys, and accelerating growth

Transforming health and life sciences with human-centric outcomes

Propelled by the pandemic, providers and payors had to find new ways to deliver care, and life science companies had to revolutionize the delivery of life-saving treatments. The move to predictive and proactive care for early detection and prevention has given consumers a voice in their health journey and outcomes and they are looking for innovative technologies that allow them to be more involved in their healthcare journey. As a result, healthcare and life science companies must adapt with a deep focus on the consumer.

The rapid deployment of new life-saving innovations has healthcare and life sciences companies focused on value-driven initiatives that improve the consumer experience with a human-centric design. This requires agility, a collaborative supply chain, streamlined operations, and visibility across the business to create and deliver life-saving products and improved health services.

Life Sciences: Drive transformation and bring new solutions to market

As technology and interoperability evolve, life science companies need to respond to market demands faster than ever before. The need for technology advancements is important, but so is the need for people to propel the technologies forward. Companies need to find new ways of enabling innovation and attract, motivate, and retain tech-savvy employees. 

With Oracle Cloud solutions for life sciences companies combined with Argano’s industry expertise, we help connect your entire business to unify your data – from R&D and clinical trials to validation, commercialization, and compliance. Let us help transform your processes and gain deeper insight to deliver better products and services and drive more revenue.

Oracle Cloud solutions for life sciences companies enable powerful capabilities to manage:

  • Research and development
  • Trial management
  • Quality control
  • Tracking and traceability
  • 21 CRF Part 11 / FDA Validation
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Interoperability
  • Security roles and restrictions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
Healthcare: Creating data-driven, human-centric experiences

Leading healthcare organizations know that data is key for driving value-based care. They need to be able to evaluate and measure their healthcare operations and they rely on technology to enable positive outcomes. Using Oracle Cloud solutions, Argano consultants can help enable a complete transformation of the traditional back-office into modern digital healthcare operations that are connected and integrated to provide deeper insight across the entire business. 

Oracle Cloud Solutions for healthcare enable powerful capabilities to: 

  • Improve patient experiences driving better health outcomes 
  • Personalize healthcare across all engagement channels 
  • Increase healthcare employee productivity and satisfaction 
  • Enhance financial performance  
  • Optimize and maximize technology budgets  


Argano for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and life sciences organizations need fast and reliable access to all types of data related to patient care, physician productivity, cost drivers, capacity planning, finance, human resources, facilities, regulations, research, and more. While providers, payers, pharma companies, and research organizations use various data sources and systems, they share the common challenge of turning data into actionable insights to enable improved products or care. Oracle Cloud solutions, driven by AI and machine learning, help your organization become more agile, drive better experiences, and increase the bottom line. Argano consultants are well-versed with Oracle solutions and your unique challenges and can help you get the most from your technology investments.