Retail and Consumer Goods

Optimize your supply chain, reduce staffing issues, and improve customer insights to drive more business

Driving revenue while increasing customer satisfaction

Growing revenue while increasing customer satisfaction is top of mind for retailers and consumer goods companies. To stay ahead of the market requires speed and agility built on exceptional supply chains and the ability to perform the tasks needed—from product development to point of sale. Make sure your technology is up for the challenge by delivering supply chain transparency and sustainability, while supporting a service-based business model. Oracle retail and consumer goods solutions provide complete capabilities tailored to your business needs and Argano consultants have the Oracle and industry knowledge to maximize your technology investment.


Modern retailers are looking at new ways of thinking to drive innovation. Those that are most successful continually adapt with the right technology that enables greater agility. Your business depends on solutions that deliver powerful data and analytics to help forecast demand and deliver your products at the right place and at the right time. Oracle Analytics empowers retailers with governed self-service analytic capabilities for data preparation, visualization, augmented analysis, and natural language processing. With Oracle Cloud HCM solutions you empower your workforce to be a positive driver for growth combined with Oracle Cloud CX solutions to provide the best possible customer experiences.

The customer-centric supply chain in retail

Today’s retailers are expected to deliver personalization and convenience with the ability to continually measure and improve experiences. Technology is driving the customer experience with robotics and artificial intelligence as central components of the supply chain, from automated warehouses to digital store associates and driverless car delivery. We offer the solutions needed to be successful and our consultants have the experience to ensure proper implementation, setting your business up for success.

Consumer Goods

Efficient operations and product planning to control margins are critical in the consumer goods market. To achieve that you must know your customers well. We help you implement and use powerful Oracle solutions that enable deeper insight into your supply chain with analytics tools to drive better forecasting and reporting. Let us help you bring products to market faster, improve supply chain sustainability, and get more value from technology investments.

Building a flexible, sustainable supply chain

Insight into customers and the best way to appeal to them is crucial and Oracle and Argano can help you have a complete view of your customers. We optimize your supply chain with streamlined processes across your business and help empower a workforce that drives your competitive advantage.