Supply Chain Management

Optimizing agility, resilience, and visibility in SCM

Driving agility and growth with integrated supply chain management

Stay ahead of the competition with a resilient, agile supply chain. From procurement and order management to supply chain planning and logistics, Oracle SCM—part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing—connects your entire business, enabling you to respond quickly to changing market demands and outpace change. With extensive experience in Oracle supply chain solutions, we can help you get the most out of your investment.

Build a better foundation for supply chain planning

Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management (SCM) manages a complex and demand-driven marketplace with solutions that go beyond supply chain operations and into integrated business planning. With its singular architecture, it is built from the ground up, combining the benefits of the cloud with enterprise-grade, supply chain functionality.

Improve planning and forecasting

Reduce complexities in planning and achieve more accurate forecasting. Oracle Cloud SCM enables more effective supply planning to reduce inventory levels and planning cycle times. Leverage data-driven insights and intelligent tools to optimize short- and long-term resource and capacity requirements to keep you on track to reach your financial targets.

Align product, demand, and supply with your business goals

Oracle Cloud SCM allows you to better predict demand by leveraging AI to make decisions with priority-based supply planning in near-real time. Align demand and supply to optimize inventory and eliminate stockouts and overstocking with a single, real-time, view of your supply chain from sourcing to the storefront.

Respond to changing demands with agility and speed

Stay ahead of the market and align your resources – people, inventory, time, and money – to deliver what your customers want when they want it. Argano consultants deliver SCM solutions that align enterprise demand and supply with visibility across the entire value chain. This allows your team to make faster, better-planning decisions in real time.

eBook: Build Smarter, More Resilient Supply Chains for the Future

Unexpected disruptions and outdated practices are stressing supply chains, sometimes until they break. To stay competitive, companies need to have more flexible supply chain processes that are driven by actionable insights.

Unexpected disruptions and outdated practices are...