Travel & Transportation

Modernize the front- and back-office across travel and tourism, freight, retail and leasing services, warehousing and logistics

Improving efficiency and enabling higher profits through digital foundations

Whether you move people or products, application modernization can help improve your operations with a more sustainable and transparent supply chain, manage your financials and planning process, work effectively with suppliers, contractors, and employees alike. Optimization and standardization enable better management of assets, people, and information—in real time, across the business.

Meeting your industry requirements

The pandemic shined a light on the importance of travel, transportation, and logistics, with challenges including the need for:

  • Integrated supply chains with the ability to alter sourcing quickly
  • Flexibility in service options and agility to manage tailored contracts
  • Digital transformation across the enterprise—from shipping logs to invoice presentment, remote access, and security
  • Adherence to changing governmental policies—from emissions controls to tax requirements
  • Adopting a remote workforce and addressing labor shortages and managing staff that includes employees and contract workers

Some of our success stories of Oracle solutions we’ve implemented for industry clients include the following:

Enterprise Performance Management

Enabled better decision-making through real-time access to operational data, rolling forecasts, report automation, and driver-based budgets, leading to better internal processes and value to customers – using Oracle Cloud EPM (Planning, Narrative Reporting, Account Reconciliation, and Financial Consolidation and Close), Essbase, and PeopleSoft.

Overcame lack of process automation by implementing a single planning environment, consolidated submission environment, streamlined reporting process, and planning capabilities including accounting for foreign currency – using Oracle Cloud EPM (Planning and Narrative Reporting).

Moved past unconsolidated licenses for reporting, data visualization, and access and significantly improved visibility into business performance through faster record to report, a single source for actual and forecast information, and the ability to have what-if and scenario planning – using Oracle Cloud EPM (Financial Consolidation and Close, Planning, and Narrative Reporting).

Enterprise Resource Management

Replaced a JDE environment to alleviate disparate systems in use for billing, contracts, and general accounting, leading to a modernized, integrated platform and automated order-to-cash process, pricing and contract flexibility, the elimination of revenue leakage, reduction in manual intervention, and team members being able to focus more time on strategic projects and less on manual intervention – using Oracle Cloud ERP (Financials and Procurement).

Transformed from homegrown and legacy software systems, with a limited procurement process, manual expenses, and no best practices enforced (Argano Managed Services continues to provide support post-implementation) – using Oracle Cloud ERP (Financials and Procurement).

Human Capital Management

Streamlined reporting and provided full visibility into cost and employees’ payment, accounting for hourly rates, alternate rates, mileage rates, training rates, and vacation rates with automated workflows and business rules – using Oracle Cloud HCM (Payroll).

Modernized from a combination of unsupported EBS 12.1.3 and third-party applications into a single, integrated, and automated solution that increased driver retention and profitability and drove company-wide efficiencies and revenue growth. From an HCM perspective specifically, Argano provided the tools to attract and grow employees professionally – using Oracle Cloud HCM, ERP, SCM, and EPM.