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The Digital Renaissance

Argano Holds Inaugural Digital Foundations Days

What are Digital Foundations? As Argano CEO Chip Register noted in our inaugural Digital Foundations Days event, it’s a digital operating platform, the part of your technology and people operations that run the business. The important thing for business leaders to consider is whether the platform (including commerce, ERP, EPM, supply chain, HCM, and everything in between, like billing, subscription management, and order management) helps you drive innovate or whether it is a limiting factor in how you operate. Oracle EVP North America Applications and Consulting Rod Johnson followed up on this idea discussing when companies begin to consolidate on top of, or unify on top of a digital operating platform, one that is based on common data and common process, they are going to shed massive amounts of cost, not only business operational costs, but purely IT costs. He noted clients reporting that when they go through this platform-based application rationalization, they are cutting their spend on IT systems and maintenance, testing, and infrastructure by up to 50%.

Oracle SVPs Jim Priestly and Rob Schilling discussed the partnership between Argano and Oracle, in particular the benefit of Argano having brought together and integrating several successful implementation partners, for ERP, EPM, HCM, and CX, all under one umbrella. He also covered Oracle’s and Argano’s go-to-market, based on an industry-first lens focused on the needs of companies in their unique market. The event also featured joint clients Worthington Industries and Major League Baseball, with MLB looking to Oracle and Argano to implement its One Baseball program, and Worthington Industries CIO Matt Schlabig, featured in our recent joint webcast with Oracle and Argano webcast discussing the resilient supply chain and Worthington’s journey to the Oracle Cloud and Oracle EBS.

Rod Johnson covered how the time horizon for enterprise transformation has changed. Companies are not just thinking about long-term, multi-year programs, they are thinking about new capabilities that are achievable in the short term and give better insight into data and operations, more agility into your processes, and the ability to empower your entire organization with the right information. Companies are looking for iterative, compressed transformation cycles.

Along with this idea of customers shifting towards shorter enterprise modernization cycles, both Chip Register and Rod Johnson talked about a movement they are seeing in IT spending. Register referenced a Gartner survey that cited 90% of CFOs are increasing budgets in digital capabilities and covered how that budget is moving from demand generation and creative efforts towards optimization and resiliency of the business. The idea is that the right digital foundation can support change. Johnson discussed seeing an increased focus on the margin side of the business. Companies had been investing heavily in customer-facing capabilities, and now there is a greater focus on fulfillment, supply chain, and finance optimization. Improving these areas can lead to greater efficiencies, which translates into cost savings.

Along with executives from Argano and Oracle, our inaugural Digital Foundations Days event included breakout sessions that covered some of the topics below:

  • Trends are driving enterprise modernization decisions
  • Things to keep in mind when moving to the cloud
  • Supporting a successful shift from JDE or EBS to Oracle Cloud
  • Developing plans for sales, finance, operations, and strategy to work together
  • Delivering B2C commerce experiences to B2B customers
  • Creating journeys that guide employees through key processes
  • Enabling real-time planning and fulfillment to customers
  • Industry-specific applications

Interested in learning more? View the recording and join us for a future Digital Foundations Days event!

Oracle Cloud has grown exponentially in recent years, and so have we! Argano + Oracle and our innovation help you build your digital foundations for the future in today’s business climate. From ERP, EPM, and SCM to HCM, CX, and OCI, our Argano 4 Oracle team spans the entire suite of Oracle Cloud solutions—combining solution expertise with industry best practices.

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